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17 January 2010 @ 10:48 am
So I've abandoned this journal a long time and moved on to first nymphah and more recently, kikkyo where I've been more actively documenting both rl experiences and more primarily my experiences in the online game Final Fantasy XI. Hence the lack of updates, sorry. :x Since I'm not putting much into this journal, and since I like to design some of my own layouts from time to time, I figure why not use it as a test journal, right? Yep. So, here goes.

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So what's in a name? Well, I'll tell you.

I've been playing FFXI for 4, going on 5 years now, but that's including two long breaks. I originally started out as Nymphadora, character name taken from Harry Potter book series, and that name is where Nymphiee and Nymphah both came from. Then last year my in-game server was merged with another and I ended up losing the name, so I renamed my character to Kikkyo, which is a slight misspelling of Kikyo from InuYasha which I also love. It was probably the last thing I'd watched at that time so that name was one of the first that I thought of when it came time to rename. So that's how I came up with that name, in case anyone was wondering lol.
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14 January 2010 @ 12:24 am
This layout is possibly my favorite of the personal, self designed layouts that I've gone through over the years. It's designed with only one graphical element, a light cloud background, to have a nice breezy feel and was originally used as a springtime layout by me. Ever since, I've been trying to improve on it where I can. Though I might eventually end up posting a completely redone version of it at some point, but that's ok. hehe

+ Wide design: Plenty of entry space + a good bit of sidebar space = ♥
+ Resizable: Header, footer, body and entries expandable at 80% of the page.
+ Neat look: Well organized sidebar, spaced entries, and easily readable Georgia font.
+ Graphical Elements: Soft gray cloud background against white text/entry boxes.
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